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Our Lovely Hand Made Vietnamese Lanterns

Vietnamese lanterns, particularly those from Hoi An, are renowned for their beauty and craftsmanship. These lanterns are typically made from silk or fabric stretched over bamboo frames, and they are often hand-painted with intricate designs. Here's some more information about Vietnamese lanterns:

  1. Hoi An Lanterns: Hoi An, a historic town in Central Vietnam, is famous for its lantern-making tradition. The lanterns here come in various shapes, sizes, and colours. They are commonly used as decorations during festivals and events, and they add a magical ambiance to the streets at night.

  2. Materials: The lantern frames are usually made of bamboo, which is lightweight and flexible. Silk or other thin fabrics are used to cover the frame. These lanterns are designed to be illuminated from the inside, creating a soft, diffused light.

  3. Designs: Vietnamese lanterns are often adorned with intricate designs, ranging from traditional patterns to more contemporary and creative motifs. Many artisans hand-paint the lanterns, and you can find a wide variety of colours and styles.

  4. Occasions: Vietnamese lanterns are commonly used during festivals, especially the Full Moon Festival, or to decorate restaurants, hotels, and homes. They're also popular as souvenirs for tourists.

  5. Sizes: Lanterns come in various sizes, from small ones that can be held in hand to larger ones that can be hung from ceilings or placed in outdoor gardens.

  6. Shopping: In Hoi An, you can find many shops and markets where you can purchase these lanterns. They are also available for purchase online if you're not in Vietnam.

  7. Symbolism: In Vietnamese culture, lanterns are often associated with wishes for good luck, happiness, and prosperity. People sometimes release lanterns into the sky or onto the water as part of traditional rituals and celebrations.

When visiting Hoi An or looking to buy Vietnamese lanterns, you'll have a wide array of options to choose from, and they make for beautiful decorations and gifts. Available From BAAN 57 Weymouth.

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