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Brings Joyous Feelings, Peace & Harmony, Relieves Stress


Variscite of exceptional color and appearance is often cut into cabochons and sold as a collector stone. These cabochons are also used in jewelry. If you are interested in variscite jewelry, you will probably have a hard time finding it in a jewelry store. Variscite is a rare material,


Variscite is a stone with a lovely vibration that will kindle joyous feelings and bring peace and harmony to your heart.

It is excellent to aid anyone with stress or anxiety. 

It enhances life by generating feelings of inner peace, love and compassion, and helps you to find solutions to problems.


Size: 63.6mm X 49.4mm X 9.1mm

Weight: 34g

All measurements are approx.

Variscite. Very Rare Mineral: Collectors Piece

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