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Shiva Lingam stones are naturally formed of a mineral called CRYPTOCRYSTALLINE QUARTZ, with iron oxide deposits said to have been implanted in the stone by a meteorite millions of years ago. The shape and colour make the Shiva Lingam Stones unique as objects for meditation and metaphysical sources.  No two Shiva Lingam stones are alike, each one is unique. The most defining characteristic of Shiva Lingam is its smooth egg shape which is formed from natural tumbling within the Narmada River, where it is gathered and hand polished by villagers. The Narmada River is one of the seven holy sites of India, and one of the five holy rivers, located in Onkar Mandhata (in western India). Lingams awaken the Kundalini energy at the base of our spine and have the potential to foster a powerful awakening experience as the energy travels up each Chakra and out through the Crown.  Shiva Lingams boost vitality and provide courage and strength to overcome our deepest fears.  They foster a transformation as our old patterns and ways of thinking dissolve making room for new paths to form.  With their masculine and feminine energy they are a stone of harmony reminding us that we are connected in unity to all creation. 
The crystal pictured is the one you receive 
 Number 1 -  58.2g  56mm x 27.6mm
Number 2 - 42.6g  50.7mm x 24.3mm
All Measurements are approximate

Shiva Lingham Stone

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