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Set of seven small water offering bowls made from metal.

Water offerings (also known as 'yonchap' in Tibetan) are amongst the most common forms of offering at Buddhist shrines.

One reason why water is offered is because it has traditionally been considered a plentiful substance in Tibet and we should be seeking to make all offerings as freely as we would give water.

Each bowl stands for a different part of the ritual:

1 - Prostrations to Buddha
2 - Offerings
3 - Confession
4 - Rejoicing the positive
5 - Requesting Buddhas guidance
6 - Asking Buddha to remain with you
7 - Dedication

This set is perfect for use in your own Buddhist shrine.

Approx: 5cm ∅ × 25mm each.
Origin: Nepal

Set of Seven Small Metal Tibetan Buddhist Water Offering Bowls Including Pouch

SKU: Sev-Tib
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