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  • Set of rustic cone shapped bells on rope
  • 4 Graduated ironwork bells with beads.
  • Rope Decorated with glass beads
  • Fair Trade
    •  A lovely Hanging set of four cone shaped bells on a length of thick twine, decorated with large glass beads.

    • This unusual hanging set features four interestingly shaped ironwork bells which are graduated in size.

    • The bells have a great rustic-vintage look and have metal clappers which produce a pleasing metallic sound.

      Please note this item will not have a smooth finish it will have a rustic, vintage feel with visible flaws in the surface and variation of colour which we feel add to its character.

      Approx: 75cm
      4 Bells 
      Origin: India

A Very Unusual Gift
This product is entirely handmade and natural variations should be expected, goods received may differ in a number of ways from the picture shown, especially in regard to colours & patterns though other possible slight natural variations may occur. This should be seen as an asset not a fault – we believe it is better to have a unique item than mass conformity.

Rustic Conical Bells On Rope: Handmade, Fairtrade 75cm

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