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Immerse your space in the soothing and timeless fragrance with our Pack of 15 Natural Incense Smudge Bricks and Burner - Sandal Wood. This carefully assembled package includes 15 premium incense bricks and an elegantly designed terracotta holder, providing a comprehensive and convenient smudging experience.The incense smudge bricks in this package feature the classic and calming aroma of sandal wood. Known for its ability to promote mental clarity, relaxation, and a sense of well-being, sandal wood creates an inviting and tranquil atmosphere.The included terracotta holder not only serves a functional purpose but also adds an element of beauty to the smudging practice. It enhances the overall aesthetics of the space.Whether your customers want to cleanse their home, meditation area, or personal aura, these sandal wood smudge bricks are versatile and suitable for various purposes. They fan use them during yoga sessions or whenever you seek a calm and serene atmosphere.Order now to enrich your gift shop's product selection with this exceptional smudging solution.

Pack of 15 Natural Incense Smudge Bricks and Burner - Sandal Wood

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