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Hati-Hati Macrame Angel in Gift Box are hand woven in mountain villages from pure Indonesian cotton. Hati-Hati in the Indonesian language means '"take care"" and is extremely commonly used. Hati Hati Angels make a beautiful, cultural and caring gift. So this angel has been designed to bring love and caring to all who hold it. Macrame Angel - EarthThis angel made from the elemental colours of the earth. Blue for the sea, green for the earth and cream for the part we humans should play. In Bali culture there is a tradition of balance, balance of nature, balance of earth and balance of human behaviour. This angel reminds us that the earth is our only home and we must always care and protect our home.The Earth angel is our universal guardian angel and a gift for anyone who cares for our world.

Macrame Angel - Earth

SKU: MacA-02
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