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Hati-Hati Macrame Angel in Gift Box are hand woven in mountain villages from pure Indonesian cotton. Hati-Hati in the Indonesian language means '"take care"" and is extremely commonly used. Hati Hati Angels make a beautiful, cultural and caring gift. So this angel has been designed to bring love and caring to all who hold it. Macrame Angel - RebelThis angel is made from raw unprocessed fibres that expose the raw desires and needs of the human soul. There are always times when the rebel must and should be released to achieve balance and purpose. Just as Adam andEve rebelled and ate the apple in order to find humanity in order to later find a higher purpose…. so must we all rebel. This angel is the perfect gift to give to a friend who need the courage to take that step of rebellion and self discovery.

Macrame Angel - Rebel

SKU: MacA-03
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