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This Large Carved Standing Buddha is a stunning piece of art that measures 250mm x 85mm, making it a perfect centerpiece for any room.

The intricate details of the carving are highlighted by the beautiful crystal material, creating a truly mesmerizing effect. The Buddha is carved from ivory tagua nut, a durable and eco-friendly material that is often used in carving due to its unique texture and color.

This exquisite carving captures the tranquility and peace that the Buddha embodies, making it an ideal addition to any spiritual or meditative space.

Bring some serenity and beauty into your home with this magnificent Large Carved Standing Buddha.


What is Ivory Tagua nut ?

Tagua (aka Vegetable Ivory), pronounced /ˈtaɡwə/ or Ta-Gwa is a nut that grows in certain types of palm trees in south america. It's an awesome, super hard, natural material that is fun to carve. Before the invention of plastics Tagua was exported to Europe and the U.S. for the button industry.


Large Carved Standing Buddha 250mm x 85mm

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