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This wonderful and unusual Iolite Sunstone slice is a beautiful stone to look at which gives you the ability to effectively widen your imagination and establish a deeper connection with the divine realm.

Very effective and highly powerful, Iolite Sunstone is a shamanic stone that is highly beneficial when used during the process of trying to connect with beings from other dimensions.


Also known as the “vision stone”, Iolite Sunstone has the power to expand your imagination beyond its original limits so that you may gain further wisdom and knowledge.

If you are in the creative arts, you can use Iolite Sunstone to help aid in boosting your creative ideas by allowing your imagination to run wild.

You can also use this stone during meditation and astral travelling as it will help clarify your vision and open your mind to all new horizons.

By allowing you to activate your third eye chakra, this stone will let you to gain access to psychic abilities which will help you a great deal during your interdimensional travel.

Iolite Sunstone can also help to refine and tune one’s intuition. It helps you to always remain sharp between the ears and react to any situation that presents itself to you.

This stone also has the ability to activate your throat chakra which is beneficial to your vocal cords and speech.

You will be able to patch your ideas together much more effectively when conversing with other people. And you will find yourself speaking much more fluently.

You can use Iolite Sunstone to harness its powers before a big presentation or meeting. You won’t let anything get past you and face all critics head-on.

It can also be used by someone who is just starting to experience and develop psychic powers and abilities. Because doing so can cause a strain on your body.

Iolite Sunstone will help your body heal and relieve you of the stress that using your psychic gifts may cause.


Size: 84mm X 75mm X 14mm

Weight: 118g

Iolite With Sunstone Slice: 84mm X 75mm

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