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Hiddenite is the yellow-green variety of the silicate, Spodumene,

Hiddenite is an excellent crystal for those who have difficulty expressing their emotions or in proclaiming their love. 

Hiddenite is a wonderful stone for children, easing their emotional distress, and can be used as a healing stone to treat members of the family, friends, or pets, especially when conventional treatments are traumatic or not working. 

As a protective stone, Hiddenite dispels negativity, shielding the body’s aura from unwanted energies and mental influences, and dispelling attached entities. It also works in the environment to block geopathic stress. 


Size: 93mm X 38mm X 26mm

Weight: 67g


This lovely peice shown in the pictures is the actual crystal you will get


Hiddenite. The Stone Of Love & Expression (Green Kunzite)

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