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English Lavender essential oil is the concentrated liquid containingvolatile aroma compounds steam distilled from the lavenderplant. Lavender has been used for centuries to help healvarious ailments from minor cuts, bruises and burns tochronic diseases like rheumatism, asthma and dermatitis.The immediate attraction and use of lavender essential oilis in the perfume industry for its fresh, sweet and slightlyfruity floral smell.This essential oil, like most others, is usually used mixedwith a base or carrier oil like sweet almond, grapeseed,jojoba, avocado and others, unless it is for your bath, whenyou can simply add a few drops in your bath water. Use thisoil for a pleasant fragrance or aromatherapy with an oilburner or vaporiser. In aromatherapy, it is often used tocombat depression, stress, and fatigue. Always consult anauthorised practitioner when using lavender essential oilas a health remedy or for aromatherapy.

English Lavender Essential Oil 10ml

SKU: EO-90
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