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Agate Enhydro brings the perfect balance between the Elements of Earth & Water. Through the power of Agate Enhydro's connection to water you learn endurance, strength, courage and the ability to overcome challenges in your life.

Enhydro Crystal is a Quartz or Agate stone that contains bubbles of water inside.
These bubbles of water got trapped inside the crystal as the crystal was growing. The most valuable Enhydro Crystals are those that have moving bubbles.

An air pocket is present in this crystal, causing the water bubble to move up and down right within the pocket.  Other Enhydro Crystals also have water bubbles inside them, but they are usually stationary. This does not make them any less beautiful and amazing, though.

These crystals usually grow in or around water tables. They form in skeletal layers and then trap the water inside the crystal.  Enhydro Crystals contain water that’s over a hundred million years old!

Because this crystal contains water and the moon affects water, it will be awesome to charge it by the light of the moon. 

Meditate with an Enhydro Crystal if you want to bring forth important information about yourself, or if you need to learn lessons on never giving up and shutting people out.

The crystal pictured is the one you receive 


84.4mm x 55.5mm x 37.3mm

All measurements are approximate 

Agate Enhydro

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