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Introducing to you this enchanting shoulder bag, which comes from the wild and untamed imagination of world-famous fantasy artist Lisa Parker. Sat on an ornate dress table, a black familiar sits with a red collar around its neck, adorned with a small silver triquetra. Besides the cat sits a small Pontarlier glass, half-filled with the infamous green liquid. Whilst a small Absinthe spoon sits atop the glass with a cube of sugar, waiting to be immersed in the liquid. The black cat is perfectly still, mesmerised by the green fairy that floats from the glass. Lisa Parker's imagination brings this piece to life, giving the bag the air of mystical study. This shoulder bag has a smaller front pocket in addition to the main pocket for greater ease and flexibility of storage, as well as an adjustable strap, making it perfect for any student of the arcane.

Absinthe Shoulder Bag (LP) 23cm

SKU: B6210W2
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