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Latin Name : None - Natural Blend.Source : Mixed.Extraction Method : N/A.Melissa blend is a special mixture of fractionated essential oils designed to have the same fragrance profile and properties as true Melissa as true Melissa is extremely expensive.The exact formulation of this oil is a closely guarded secret but the contents of the oil are as follows :Citral from LemongrassLemon OilD-Limonene from OrangeHo OilBeta Caryophylene from Clove Oil.This Wholesale Melissa Essential Oil is uplifting, revitalizing and harmonising. It has a soothing effect on the emotions. It is also uplifting to the spirits and is known for optimising healthy digestion and clearing the head. It has a fresh, sweet, lemony aroma.

10 ml Melissa (Blend) Essential Oil

SKU: EO-61
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