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Small Cute & Detailed Handmade White Wood OWL Family

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These Cute and detailed wood carvings are of a family of owls made from a light wood known as crocodile wood (panggal buaya in Indonesian.)

It is excellent for woodcarving with a fine smooth finish to which intricate little touches are added like the 'feathers' and dark wood beaks are added. Crocodile wood gets its name from the knobby, tooth- shaped protrusions which cover the outer bark of the trunk. 

Each piece is handmade so there will be slight variation in the carving and due to the nature of the wood they may feature natural colour changes within the wood including black stripes and tonal differences.

Approx: 12cm × 11cm ×7cm
Origin: Indonesia

These unique and individual carved wood pieces are all different and no two are the same.
All hand carved and fair trade.
A Unique Gift Idea