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Large Handmade Ceramic Mayan Calendar Wall Hanging 30cm Add A Touch Of Mexican

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An amazing and beautiful Mayan Calendar makes a wonderful wall hanging and is perfect for adding a touch of Mexican heat to any room of the house or garden.

This Mayan calendar combines a 260 day count known as 'Tzolkin' with a 365 day count known as 'Haab.' 

These hand crafted, ceramic calendars show the symbols of the Tzolkin around the outside.

 Each symbol or 'glyph' represents a different day with the days repeating 13 times to create the 260 day cycle. 

The central engraving shows a Maya carrying the final glyph ('Ajaw' meaning lord or ruler) upon his back.

Each calendar is made in Jalisco, Mexico and has a metal hoop on the reverse for ease of hanging.


This product is entirely handmade, and will have natural variations which should be expected with a product of this type.

The item that you receive may differ in a number of ways from the picture shown, especially in regard to colours & patterns though other possible slight natural variations may occur. 

This should be seen as an asset not a fault but unique and different.

Approx: 30cm ? 5cm 
Origin: Mexico