A pair of Selenite Harmonisers they are a cylinder-shaped crystal designed focus and power up energy from a crystal.  Selenite alone does a lot, but when put in this shape the energy is magnetised. As it protects and aligns all chakras, selenite is perfect for getting your energy and chakra field back into shape. Boost your mind and spirit with a selenite workout and you’ll find your mindset enhanced and ready to combat negativity with liquid light.  By following these quick instructions you can start using your Selenite Harmonisers straight away. 1. Sit, or lay in a comfortable position. That can be in a chair, on the bed or in a full on Yoga pose. Whatever is good for you. 2. Hold each harmoniser in your hand, the way you would a barbell. (See photo above)3. Take three deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth, allowing your body to relax with each breath.4. Allow your breath to return back to its natural state.5. Imagine that two beautiful white lights are coming from the sky directly into each Selenite Harmoniser and through your hands filling up your body.6. While holding that light in your body, start to count each breath. Start with 1 for your first inhale, 2 for your first exhale, 3 for your second inhale, 4 for your second exhale etc. Continue for 5 minutes.Once you are finished, express your gratitude for the healing you have just received.149mm x 41.4mm at the base x 2 rodsAll measurements are approximate 

Selenite Harmonisers

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