Scolecite is the stone of “inner peace”, and will be the perfect remedy for anyone looking to relax, especially after a long day. The crystal actives our upper chakras and is commonly used as a meditation tool. It strengthens and unlocks our third eye and allows for intense lucid dreaming and enhances your ability to remember them. Scolecite may work on a higher vibration with the upper chakras, but it also unlocks the heart and helpsit to release anything that may be causing inner pain. This stone is a total auric cleanser and will do a “spring cleaning” on you when working with it often. It’s important to cleanse Scolecite after you’ve worked with it due to it pulling out negative energy from within and absorbing it. This crystal will dissolve in water so cleanse with sage and recharge with moonlight or sunlight. 

The crystal pictured is the one you receive 

44.5 g 

59.1mm x 52mm x 33.1mm 

All  measurements are approximate

Scolecite Cluster


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