QUE SERA, a complex form of RHYOLITE, is a new-age stone possessing an unusual vibrational frequency


This is a crystal with a very powerful vibration, that brings strong spiritual light and energy into the body, and through into your auric field to balance your meridians and recharge your energy.

These stones will stimulate psychic communication abilities as well as clairaudience, and it may be helpful to use it at the throat chakra for this purpose.

They have a lovely energy that is very appealing, and they are really pleasant to use.

They resonate very strongly within all of the chakras, but are quite powerful within the higher chakras, and within the soul star chakra and crown chakra in particular.


Size: 95mm X 22 mm 

Weight: 87g

Que Sera Polished Point: 95mm X 22mm - 87g

VAT Included

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