Dimensions: 220 mm x 160 mm x 35 mm Weight: 2072g

This is a stone has strong metaphysical properties and is very beneficial for everyone to have in their vicinity.

It is especially helpful for those who regularly try to save others from themselves, when it might be better to let the person to take responsibility for their own health concerns.


Where Is It From? Fuschite Meaning

Fuschite or Fuschite is mainly found in Brazil, and is a variety of Muscovite. It was named after the German mineralogist Johann Fuchs.

It has also been found in Russia and India. Its color is due to the presence of chromium in it, as it is the green form of Muscovite Mica.

It comes in various shades of green, from medium green through to a slightly paler color. You may also find stones that are a mixture of the Red Muscovite and the Green crystal.

Fuchsite is a variety of Green Muscovite, a stone that will generally help you by stimulating your mind. This may intensify inspiration and aid you with problem solving, and help you to develop your intuition.

What Is Fuchsite? Why Would You Use It

This sparkling green stone is a lovely green mica that has a strong heart chakra vibration.

When looking at this beautiful green stone in the light, your eyes seem to be drawn to the sparkling light from within it, as you are attracted by its radiance.

By using its radiant energy you may be able to access information from the universal mind, via your intuition. You may find yourself becoming altered, if you immerse yourself within the sparkling light from Green Fuchsite.

Large Fuschite Specimen 2072g

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