A stunning handcarved wooden statue of the founder of Buddhism.
These lovely Buddhas have been carved in Bali using a traditional method of the island, the carver has taken years perfecting his or her skill to able to create work to this standard.
Each of these Buddhas has a minor defect such as excessive use of filler, small cracks in the wood or tarnished wood.
When depicting Buddha, the positioning of the hands (Mudra) is very important and different mudra represent different things. Here, Buddha is shown in the Vitarka mudra ('the murda of discussion') and this represents the discussion and transmission of Buddhist teachings. The position (Asana) for seated Buddhas is often this full lotus position with the feet resting on the thigh of the other leg and the soles facing upwards. This meditative asana is known as Dhyana Asana or Padmasana.
Approx: 40cm High
Please Note: There will be cracks and imperfections with these Buddhas. This is not a fault 

Large Beautiful Hand Carved Rustic Buddha Statue 40cm

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