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  • Bronzed Triple Moon Goddess Plaque

  • Cast in high-quality resin.

  • Painstakingly hand-painted

  • 1 Sawtooth hook on reverse for hanging.

This mystical wall-mounted plaque is cast in the finest resin before being given a high-quality bronze finish.

Three moons sit side-by-side, each representing an age in the cycle of life.

On the left is the waxing crescent, representing the Maiden – young, fresh and full of life and wonder.

In the centre is the round and nurturing Full Moon, representing the Mother – fecund and full of life and love.

To the right is the waning crescent, representing the Crone – older, with the blessings of experience and wisdom to share.

Above this sits a pentagram, topped by the Triple Goddess Idol. A fantastic reminder of the cycle of life, this is the perfect gift for anyone who wants the mystery of life to adorn their walls.

Bronzed Triple Moon Cycle Of Life Goddess Plaque 30cm

SKU: D3555J7
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