Together, amethyst and calcite gemstone create a soothing combination of energies. With this unique geode, you can benefit from both with a single dazzling specimen. It features a white calcite stone naturally growing among the geode’s amethyst crystals. White calcite is considered a cleansing stone that encourages spiritual awareness while amethyst calms the mind and balances the Crown Chakra. This beautiful piece comes with a wooden stand that the crystal sits into and would look great in a meditation room, yoga space, or any place you use for peace and reflection. 

The crystal pictured is the one you receive 

916g          92.4mm x 94.3mm x 78.8mm without the stand

997g          105mm x 120mm x 103.3mm with the stand

All measurements are approximate 

Amethyst Druze with White Calcite on Wooden Stand


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