Baan 57’s Mini Guide to Crystals & Gemstones

Alternative medicines have seen a resurgence in the US & UK.

Whether it’s tai chi, meditation or gemstones, people are the seeing far-reaching benefits of these remedies; it’s shaping lifestyles.

For healing crystals in particular, we should be aware of the different types. First note that each different type of crystal targets a different part of a human: the mind, the body, and the soul.

If you’re curious about what healing crystals can do for you, we recommend that you read on!

Let’s talk about some variations:

Clear quartz

This is one of our favourite crystals at Baan 57. This delicate hazy crystal is known to many as the master healer: it targets all the energy our bodies consume, regulates this energy and puts it to good use.

Many recommend that you pair the clear quartz with rose quartz for maximum benefit.

Next to this, clear quartz is said to boost our immune systems and keep us safe when we need it most. The clear quartz is therefore all about balance: keeping control of your energy and making sure you’re firing on all cylinders.

One of our favourite clear quartz items you can have a gander at is our Garnet Accent pendant.


This robust stone is said to protect us against the outside world: not just the elements, but bad energy, too. Obsidian forms a shield for its wearers that distils negativity. It is said that the stone boosts your clarity as an individual and your passion for life, as well as your capacity to protect others.

Obsidian, therefore, is all about the detox. It keeps you safe from things that the body doesn’t need, and it may aid pain, cramps and digestion.

Our rainbow obsidian sphere offers a deep glimpse into the stone’s many qualities. We think you’ll love it.


This deep purple stone is said to be the purifier of all the healing stones.

Much like with obsidian, the amethyst is said to guard those who hold it from negative thoughts, but amethyst has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Sleep is one of the other claimed benefits of keeping amethyst close. It is said to aid insomnia; a difficult issue many face when restless. Amethyst is said to harbour powers of pain relief and stress – it’s one we could all use right now!


This excellent stone is used for total rebalance. If you’re looking for a stone with harmonising properties, we recommend agate. The gem is said to stabilise your aura and transform negative energy into positive.

Agate soothes and calms the wearer, and any inner anger you may be experiencing can be lessened by use of this gorgeous stone.

One of our favourite agate stones is the carved grey agate. It’s an unusual shape harbouring the energies of yin and gang. It is a calming stone and is said to raise the consciousness of those who use the stone.

At Baan 57, we provide our customers with a beautiful collection of powerful gemstones. If you’d like to have a browse and see more of what we’re about, be sure to do so.

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