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The World Of Baan 57

Walk through the doors of Baan 57 and find yourself in a wonderland of Fair Trade Gifts, Crafts, Crystals, Gemstones and Calm. 

Baan 57 was established in the Autumn of 2017 offering wonderful Fair Trade, ethically sourced gifts from around the world.

Providing the experience of aromas, shapes and excitement of this very unusual “go to” store.

Discover your perfect gifts and creations for your family and friends.

We have built up a fantastic and eclectic customer base and enjoy a healthy repeat purchase percentage. Having experience of 20 years in a world travel & retail business, they have been able to develop a network of suppliers focused on quality and design.

Our aim was to provide everything (although this list is ever going) that a New Age shop needs to sell, making it a one stop shop!

The exuberant nature of Asian craftsmen and their willingness to embrace new ideas, gives us an exciting and creative enthusiasm in selling and developing the products that our customers can use to help shape and style their homes. 

We’re proud to offer these artisans a route out of poverty

We aim to follow guidelines in the way we do business with our suppliers with a focus on ethical trading. We buy as many products as possible from importers which focus on sustainable materials. A large number of products are made from recycled materials.